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Hotel California

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We are a stake pool running on the Cardano mainnet. Like Cardano, we are just getting started and excited about Cardano's future and the road ahead.

Come and stake a while!


Are you just getting started with Cardano? Head over to Cardano.org for more info or take a look at the following links:

About Us

We are technical IT consultants by trade and we are passionate about Cardano. We have all of the skills required to run a high performing, reliable and secure stake pool.

As for the name, we aren't actually based in California (sorry for any confusion, we are based in Australia and our nodes are situated in East USA), we just like the song and thought it would be a fitting name for somewhere people will want to stake and never want to leave...

Why Stake with Us?

We believe in honesty and transparency so for that reason we want to make you aware of the following information. The amount of stake a pool has determines how likely a pool is to produce blocks. One advantage of smaller pools is that rewards are distributed amongst less delegators which may work out to be as much, if not more than pools with more delegators, however, pools do need reach a minimum threshold to consistently begin to produce blocks. Right now, we need support from more delegators to consistently produce blocks so please consider staking with us.

While we have no control over stake, we will be ensuring everything within our control is of the highest quality.

If you do choose to stake with one of the larger pools watch out for saturation. You can learn more about it here.

To stake with us see our Staking Section below.

Our Setup

While things are still rapidly changing, we have decided to leverage the flexibility and stability of a trusted cloud platform for hosting our stake pool nodes and supporting infrastructure and we hold certifications for this platform. As requirements change we will continually re-evaluate our implementation and choose the most appropriate infrastructure.

As for security, your ADA is always safe when staking. For details, take a look at some of our staking security tips in our Staking Section below. We have configured all appropriate security, backup and monitoring mechanisms on our infrastructure to ensure our pool remains secure and reliable.

We believe our stake pool's performance and reliability will speak for itself. See our Performance Section below.


Delegate your stake with us

Pool Staking Parameters

  • Pool Pledge
  • Cost Per Epoch
    340 ADA
  • Pool Margin

We dont plan on changing these values but if for some reason the need arises, we will let you know on Twitter.

See our performance section below for more details

Steps to Stake with Us

  1. Purchase some ADA
  2. Download one of the supported wallets
  3. Use the wallet's stake delegation tools to choose:
    Ticker: CALI

Get more details on staking from Cardano.org

Staking Security

Staking with ANY pool is safe if you are staking correctly. You can never loose your ADA from staking.
A couple of things to be aware of when staking:

  • Use a trusted wallet to store and stake your ADA
  • Do not share any keys/passwords with anyone or enter your keys/password into any program other than your trusted wallet. No keys need to be shared to stake your ADA. If someone asks for your keys, it is probably a scam.
    Action: Never share your keys or passwords.
  • If a pool operator has not setup their system correctly or if it is performing badly, the pool may not produce blocks. This will lead to no blocks being produced and therefore no rewards earnt.
    Action: Simply change to a more reliable pool.
  • If a pool operator has not secured their system, there is a chance that someone could steal their pledge or bring the pool down. Again your ADA is not at risk but you will not earn any rewards if a pool doesn't produce blocks.
    Action: Simply change to a more reliable pool.
  • A pool operator may set a pledge amount but not actually have enough ADA to meet it. This is a sign of an untrustworthy or incompetent pool operator. Avoid these pools.
    Action: Simply change to a more reliable pool.
  • A pool may retire. If you are staking with a pool that retires, you will simply not earn any rewards until you stake with another pool.
    Action: Check frequently that your pool has not retired and if it has simply change to another pool.
  • Smaller pools may not produce blocks or may only produce a small amount of blocks that wont cover the fixed pool fee (minimum fixed fee is 340 ADA). This is something to be aware of and means you will not receive any rewards. Bare in mind pools need to start somewhere and need enough delegators/stake before they can consistently produce blocks.
    Action: Help out smaller pools by giving them a go and being patient. If all else fails, move to a pool with more stake (but watch out for saturation).
  • If you do choose to stake with one of the larger pools watch out for saturation. Pool saturation can effect the amount of rewards you earn. Daedalus does not currently reflect this accurately in the delegation centre.
    Action: Read up on saturation here and look at some of the third party tools below to compare pools.
  • Take a look at some of the third party tools available to compare pools.
    Action: Take a look at ADAPools, CardanoScan and PoolTool to compare pools.


Performance Details
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Current Slot



Total Slots

Current Epoch




Time to Next Epoch

Total ADA Staked
(inc. Pledge)

Lifetime Blocks Created

Blocks Created this Epoch

Epoch when Last Block was Created



The above stats are provided by AdaPools.org

We are working on providing you with some more live data

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